CBD Transit Hub

Campaign for a Dignified TransferRide New Orleans is currently engaging in a grassroots organizing and advocacy campaign to create a consolidated CBD Transit Hub worthy of the city of New Orleans, and its transit riders.

In New Orleans, there are several transit hubs across the city, but the CBD transit hub is our largest and most important one. That’s because our regional transit system is designed so that all passengers – whether travelling from New Orleans East, Metairie, Avondale or Algiers – end their trips in the CBD.

If the CBD is not their final destination, riders must transfer to another bus or streetcar line to complete their trip. These transfers take place at one of several street corners at or near the intersection of Elk Place and Tulane Avenue where more than twenty Regional Transit Authority, Jefferson Transit and LA Swift bus and streetcar lines come together. According to RTA estimates, between 5,000 and 7,000 transit riders pass through this intersection on a daily basis.

Despite being at the heart of our regional transit system, the current CBD transit hub offers:

  • Poor wayfinding signage;
  • No available transit maps or route schedules;
  • Limited seating and shade;
  • Far distance between bus stops;
  • Unsafe pedestrian crossings;
  • Lack of infrastructure to facilitate off-board fare purchases;
  • Narrow and crowded sidewalks; and
  • No available public restrooms.

To kick off our campaign, we conducted a survey of over 200 transit riders waiting to transfer at the bus stops situated at or near Elks and Tulane in the fall of 2012, and compiled the results into a report to be released in April 2014. Ride is hosted an action on April 15th to coincide with the release of our report.

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