Intercity Transit

We envision a New Orleans with fast, convenient transit access to Louis Armstrong International Airport, Baton Rouge and beyond.

New Orleans to Baton Rouge

Ride New Orleans supports creating strong transit connections between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  The LA Swift currently provides bus service, but funding cuts threaten continued service on an annual basis.  We call on the State to create dedicated funding for continued LA Swift Service.  We also support a commuter rail connection between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, which will connect people to jobs throughout Southeast Louisiana’s super region.

Sunset Limited

Ride New Orleans supports restoring Amtrak service from New Orleans to Miami as part of the Sunset Limited route. Between 1993-2005 the Sunset Limited route from Los Angeles to Miami was the only transcontinental passenger train in America.

Bus Connections

Ride New Orleans is excited about expanding intercity bus service for New Orleanians to travel to Atlanta, Houston and beyond. We support the continued growth of Megabus, Greyhound and other service providers.

Airport Connection

A viable public transit option between New Orleans and Louis Armstrong International Airport is essential to creating a world-class city.  Ride New Orleans supports a light rail line that provides express service to the airport.