Land Use

Increased density around transit stops, walkable streets and a vibrant mix of residential and commercial land uses all make commuting without a car easier.

Progressive land use and zoning policies help create these environments. Ride New Orleans advocates for zoning that promotes affordable, transit-oriented development around key transit corridors, such as Loyola and St Claude Avenues.  Model strategies include:

  • Reducing vehicle parking requirements
  • Requiring bicycle parking
  • Creating design standards such as locating motor vehicle parking at the back of properties, encouraging awnings and overhangs for shade, and placing building entrances at the sidewalk, not the parking lot
  • Encouraging active ground floor uses like shops, personal services and restaurants
  • Providing sidewalk features such street trees and landscaping, benches, and widening sidewalks
  • Limiting curb cuts and driveways that create conflicts between cars and pedestrians