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Ride in the News


New Orleans City Council backs zoning change that could pave the way for more bus shelters

The Times-Picayune – February 9, 2018


Mitch Landrieu’s restructuring plan would increase city oversight of New Orleans RTA’s operations

The Advocate – January 28, 2018


RTA considers new management structure to add public oversight

The Times-Picayune – January 23, 2018


RTA outsources ribbon-cutting event for nearly $20,000, records show

The Times-Picayune – January 12, 2018


Improving New Orleans public transit: RTA unveils plans for 5, 10, 20 years down road

The Advocate – December 19, 2017


See the final design for the new Canal Street ferry terminal

The Times-Picayune – December 13, 2017


RTA officials hold meeting on Algiers ferry terminal and pedestrian walkway

WWLTV – December 12, 2017


RTA bus riders ask city to remove hurdle preventing installation of new bus shelters

WDSU – October 25, 2017


Here’s why sheltered bus stops are so hard to find in New Orleans

The Times-Picayune – October 25, 2017


Long-term plan imagines New Orleans spending double what it does now on mass transit

The Advocate – October 24, 2017


RTA private contract with Transdev scrutinized in new report

The Times-Picayune – October 10, 2017


$7.4 million set for new Canal Street ferry terminal bridge, city says

The Times-Picayune – October 6, 2017


New Orleans transit officials dust-up over contract for new ferries raises questions on RTA contracts

The Advocate – October 2, 2017


Officials mum on quick departure of New Orleans transit executive

The Advocate – September 27, 2017


New Orleans RTA leader resigns following board meeting

The Times-Picayune – September 27, 2017


Other Political News: Forward N.O. goals draws modified support

The Advocate – September 24, 2017


“Still no bridge for new Canal Street ferry terminal amid money search”

The Times-Picayune – September 19, 2017


“Here’s what riders had to say at public meetings about RTA’s future”

Gambit Weekly – September 14, 2017


“RTA denies that Rampart streetcar reduced access to jobs or that the agency isn’t concerned about local riders”

The Advocate – August 22, 2017


“RTA officials blast recent criticism of bus service, streetcars”

The Times-Picayune – August 22, 2017


“In streetcar vs. bus, this New Orleans commuter lost” 

Next City – August 18, 2017


“Biz Minute 8-16-17: What’s the state of transit in the city?”

Biz New Orleans Daily Biz Minute – August 16, 2017


“New streetcar lines have hindered residents’ access to jobs, report says”

The Times-Picayune – August 9, 2017


“$75 million Rampart streetcar project delays locals getting to work, group says”

WWLTV – August 9, 2017


“New Orleans streetcar line has hampered access to more than 1,000 jobs, group says”

The Advocate – August 8, 2017


“NOLA Votes 2017: How will candidates tackle inequity in New Orleans?”

The Times-Picayune – July 13, 2017


“RTA may bring back pass good for both Orleans and Jefferson Parish bus lines”

The Advocate – June 29, 2017


“Buses in Orleans, Jefferson could soon use the same ‘regional’ pass”

The Times-Picayune – June 27, 2017


“New Orleans public transit revamp still being shaped” 

The Times-Picayune – April 24, 2017


“Bus riders tell RTA where to get off” 

The Advocate – April 3, 2017


“Council votes unanimously to demolish Canal Street ferry landing”

Gambit – March 28, 2017


“Crowd rallies at ferry terminal” 

The Advocate – March 22, 2017


“Why some residents say they dislike the new ferry terminal design” 

The Times-Picayune – March 22, 2017


Interview with WTUL 

WTUL – March 22, 2017


A Special Treat for Local Transit Drivers

WWL-TV – March 17, 2017


“Uber and the future of New Orleans public transit” 

Gambit – November 7, 2016


“Rampart streetcars set to roll”

WWNO – September 30, 2016


“North Rampart streetcars finally a go: Riders to board new line on Sunday”

The Advocate – September 30, 2016


“Many New Orleans jobs still hard to reach by public transit, group says”

The Advocate – August 30, 2016


“New Orleans public transit halfway back 11 years after Katrina: Report”

The Times-Picayune – August 29, 2016


“RTA approves routes for new North Rampart streetcar, area bus lines”

The Advocate – August 23rd, 2016


“Little criticism of four options for revised streetcar, bus service after opening of North Rampart line”

The Advocate – July 19th, 2016


“Freret Jet” bus service to be restored to Canal Street

Uptown Messenger – July 8, 2016


RTA unveils proposed service changes in advance of new North Rampart streetcar line

The Advocate – July 2, 2016


RTA unveils plan to shift bus routes when Rampart streetcar starts

The Times-Picayune – July 1, 2016


Could North Rampart-St. Claude streetcar cut into major bus route? 

The Times-Picayune – June 24, 2016


Popular transit: RTA lines see boost after April’s service expansion

The Advocate – May 24, 2016


Streetcar appreciation: RTA seeking federal grant to extend North Rampart line downriver

The Advocate – May 6, 2016


New Orleans RTA suffers setback, tosses master plan applicants

The Times-Picayune – April 26, 2016


New Orleans Bus Service, Devastated by Katrina, Starts to Rebound

StreetsBlog – April 21, 2016


Advocates cheer New Orleans RTA bus streetcar improvements

The Times-Picayune – April 19, 2016


Transit Advocates applaud RTA service expansion, call for more

The Advocate – April 19, 2016


Working Late? New Orleans RTA answers with all-night service, airport bus

The Times-Picayune – April 16, 2016


New Orleanians see bias in post-Katrina public transport

Al Jazeera – February 25, 2016


In the Uber era, New Orleans transit users still don’t know when the bus is coming

The Times-Picayune – February 22, 2016


Transit advocates urge RTA to go slowly in picking site for a new cbd hub

The Advocate – January 23, 2016


Regional Transit Authority plans to add overnight service, more weekend trips on routes

 The Advocate – January 18, 2016


Facing criticism from city council on many issues, New Orleans RTA touts plans, like shuttle service to airport

The Advocate – November 9, 2015


A Hidden Drawback of School Reform in New Orleans: Less Money for Transit

City Lab – September 8, 2015


Hurricane Evacuations Will Remain Tough for Many Black New Orleanians

The Huffington Post – September 7, 2015


How to Fix New Orleans Transit

The Century Foundation – August 28, 2015


Obama returns to New Orleans to remember Katrina and celebrate city’s recovery

Washington Post – August 27, 2015


The State of Transit in New Orleans

Rooflines – August 24, 2015


Feds have funded public transit in New Orleans, but service is worse since Katrina

The Lens / Politifact – August 20, 2015


New Orleans’ transit system still hasn’t recovered, 10 years after Katrina

Grist – August 19, 2015


Report: New Orleans RTA focusing too much on streetcars, ignoring needs of local commuters

The Advocate – August 19, 2015


Uneven balance between streetcars, bus service, report shows

The Times-Picayune – August 18, 2015


Streetcar service booms post-Katrina, while bus service lacks

WWLTV – August 18, 2015


Ride New Orleans sees public transit as shadow of its pre-Katrina self

The Times-Picayune – August 18, 2015


A Troubling Review of Public Transit in New Orleans Since Katrina

City Lab – August 17, 2015


RTA scouting location for downtown transportation hub

WWLTV – August 13, 2015


4 sites for New Orleans RTA’s proposed Downtown Transit Center: Do you agree?

The Times-Picayune – July 30, 2015


Where to put a public transit center in downtown New Orleans?

The Times-Picayune – July 29, 2015


Lawmaker wants to ban trucks from carrying hazmat on some streets

Fox 8 Live – April 21, 2015


New Orleans RTA to consider overhaul of bus routes, streetcar schedules

The Times-Picayune – March 24, 2015


New Orleans Public Transit Not Fully Restored Since Hurricane Katrina

Al Jazeera America – March 24, 2015


New Orleans City Council votes to create a pedestrian and bicycle safety advisory committee

The Gambit – March 2, 2015


Inequality in transportation plagues New Orleans and the nation, website reports

The Times-Picayune – March 1, 2015


America’s Unfair Rules of the Road – How our transportation system discriminates against the most vulnerable – February 27, 2015


City Council passes ordinance giving pedestrian and cyclists a voice in city government

WGNO – February 25, 2015


Streetcar line on Canal may reach a little farther

The New Orleans Advocate – February 25, 2015


RTA to continue to add services demanded by its riders

Louisiana Weekly – February 2, 2015


Riders and transportation leaders talk about service improvements

Fox 8 Live – January 24, 2015


This Saturday, help design the transit system you think New Orleans needs

The Gambit Weekly – January 22, 2015


WTUL News and Views

WTUL – January 21, 2015


Councilwoman takes on streetcar accessibility

WWLTV – January 19, 2015


2014 The Year in Transit – The year of public input on transit

The Gambit Weekly – December 22, 2014


Transit-ory Awards:  Walt Leger Named Transit Champion of Year

The Gambit – November 17, 2014


The Crescent City Fights for its Soul

GOOD Magazine – November 5, 2014


“Pilot Program” Puts Bike Lane on Baronne Street

The Gambit – October 20, 2014


Just for a day, nine New Orleans parking spots become tiny leisure zones

The Advocate – October 1, 2014


PARK(ing) Day NOLA Kicks Urban Planning to the Curb

The Times-Picayune – – September 30, 2014


Nonprofits Pitch Vision Zero Policy for Cyclists and Pedestrians

The Gambit – September 30, 2014


PARK(ing) Day offers New Orleans a glimpse into a responsible, urban future

The Gambit – September 24, 2014


All Things Local

WGSO 990AM – September 6, 2014


When transit service is substandard, can we plan for capital expansion?

The Transport Politic – August 11, 2014


Planning, progress should accompany RTA fare hikes

New Orleans City Business – August 8, 2014


RTA faces budget pinch, push for transparency

New Orleans City Business – August 5, 2014


What New Orleans public transit can glean from Houston’s reset of its bus routes

The Times-Picayune – July 31, 2014


Public Transit in New Orleans Still Recovering Post-Katrina

WWNO – July 31, 2014


9 years after Katrina, New Orleans transit still struggling to recover

Streetsblog – July 28, 2014


Ferries for Gretna:  Connecting NOLA by water

Louisiana Weekly – July 28, 2014


Better transit is the path to progress in New Orleans

The Times-Picayune – July 25, 2014


New Orleans:  nine years after hurricane, transit is far from restored

Human Transit – July 25, 2014


New Starts:  New Orleans transit wish list

Next City – July 21, 2014


New Orleans RTA firm unveils $3.5 billion transit expansion vision

The Times-Picayune – July 20, 2014


New Orleans transit never recovered after Katrina

The Atlantic – CityLab – July 17, 2014


Can public transit grow, and New Orleans grow with it?

The Times-Picayune – July 17, 2014


New Orleans transit system disproportionately serves whiter and wealthier neighborhoods

Next City – July 16, 2014


RTA fare increase should be tied to improvements, group says

Fox 8 Live – July 15, 2014


Fewer bus routes, longer wait times hamper New Orleans’ growth, report says

The Times-Picayune – July 15, 2014


Costs are high, fares are low for New Orleans public transit

The Times-Picayune – July 15, 2014


Video:  Riding the RTA’s bus lines

The Times-Picayune – July 15, 2014


Video:  Ride New Orleans President discusses new report

The Times-Picayune – July 15, 2014


Ride New Orleans Hosts “Day of Action”, RTA Hosts its Own Press Conference

The Gambit – April 16, 2014


Demo Aims to Improve CBD Transit Hub

NOLA Defender – April 16, 2014


RTA Promises to Find Solutions After Riders Complain About Downtown Hub

WWLTV – April 15, 2014


Ride New Orleans Calls on RTA to Build a Public Transportation Center in the CBD

The Times-Picayune – April 15, 2014


Group:  Amenities Lacking for Downtown Transit Riders

The New Orleans Advocate – April 16, 2014


RTA Wants to Build a Transit Hub in Downtown New Orleans

Fox 8 Live – April 15, 2014


Group Says RTA Bus Stops Not Up to Par

WDSU – April 15, 2014


Demonstration Leads RTA to Reveal Project Plans

New Orleans City Business – April 15, 2014

Busy Canal Street Bus Stop Lacks Infrastructure for Riders

The Gambit – April 14, 2014


Underground Surprises Sent Loyola Streetcar Costs Soaring

WWLTV – April 9, 2014


RTA’s New Riders’ Advisory Committee Seeks Members

The Gambit – February 28, 2014


NOLA Transit Week Highlights City’s Upgraded Public Transit

WWLTV – November 12, 2013


NOLA Transit Week Kicks Off

Fox 8 Live – November 10, 2013


Amid Expansion, New Orleans RTA to Consider Raising Fares, Taxes

The Times-Picayune – October 24, 2013


Algiers Ferry Fare Fight

The Gambit – August 13, 2013


Algiers Residents Want RTA to Consider Low-Wage Workers in Setting Ferry Fares

The Times-Picayune – August 6, 2013


Thrown Under the Bus

The Gambit – August 6, 2013


Proposal to Run Ferries Includes $2 Fares Each Way

WWLTV – July 18, 2013


RTA Takes First Steps in Considering New Fares for Algiers and Chalmette Ferries

The Advocate – July 18, 2013


RTA Releases Passenger Fare Proposal for Algiers-Canal Ferry

The Times-Picayune – July 18, 2013


RTA to Discuss $2 Fare for Algiers Ferry on Thursday

The Advocate – July 16, 2013


Years of Political Inaction Preceded Latest Cutbacks in Algiers Ferry Service

The Lens – July 12, 2013


As Mississippi River Ferry Service Slowly Disappears, Many are Searching for Answers

89.9 WWNO – July 12, 2013


South Louisiana’s Affordable LA Swift Bus, Started After Katrina, Might Be Saved

Louisiana Weekly & Huffington Post – June 23, 2013


LA Swift Supporters Seek Long-Term Funding

NOLA Defender – June 23, 2013


Bus Supporters Scramble to Save Commuter Service

Associated Press – June 22, 2013


Push to Save LA Swift

WWLTV – June 18, 2013


Bus Stop – Citizens Group Reacts to End of NOLA-BR Swift Bus

NOLA Defender – June 17, 2013


DOTD Ends LA Swift Service; groups say move will put commuters at disadvantage

The Times-Picayune – June 12, 2013


No More Ferry Tales

Grist – June 11, 2013


Lawmakers Approve Bill Opening Door for RTA to Run Ferries

Fox 8 Live – June 11, 2013


With Canal Street Ferries Facing Closures, Sea Creatures and Swimmers Board in Protest

The Times-Picayune – June 7, 2013


State Lawmakers Give Final Approval to Bill to Keep Ferries Running

WWLTV – June 5, 2013


Tonight – a Rally to Save the Ferries

The Gambit – June 5, 2013


End of Ferry Service Could Mean Local Jobs in Jeopardy

Fox 8 Live – May 25, 2013


Transportation Nonprofit Warns of Major Impacts if Ferry Service is Lost

The Advocate – May 9, 2013


Riders Wonder if This is the Last FQ Fest With Ferries

WWLTV – April 12, 2013


Dedicated Lane for New Streetcar Drew Support From City Council

The Times-Picayune – March 14, 2013


RTA, City Differ on Streetcar Funding

New Orleans City Business – March 7, 2013


As New Orleans Plans Another Streetcar, Tug of War Emerges Over Priorities

The Times-Picayune – March 7, 2013


Convention Center Tax Use Outside of Guidelines Goes Unquestioned

New Orleans City Business – December 19, 2012


Transit Riders Wait for Help in Lakeview

The Times-Picayune – July 2, 2012


Ferries and CCC Tolls

WTUL – May 16, 2012