Ride Briefings

Ride works to serve New Orleans residents by providing sound transit and city planning advice, and also by supporting grassroots campaigns to improve public transit. We will continually update this page with our policy briefings, infographics, and in-depth research reports.

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO)

The CZO drafts released by the City provide the opportunity for many improvements to land use in New Orleans. In these documents, Ride outlines the changes in each Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, and provides further suggestions for improvement to make city streets and parking work not only for drivers, but also for transit riders, pedestrians, and cyclists.

LA Swift

When the state threatened to cut the budget for the vital LA Swift bus between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Ride participated in a ridership survey, and worked with residents and politicians alike in order to saved this vital service. Unfortunately, we were not successful and service ended in July of 2013. We will continue our efforts to restore LA Swift bus service. Find out why having a link between the two largest cities in Louisiana is necessary to many residents.

Algiers – Canal Street Ferry

When the State threatened to cut the Algiers-Canal ferry service in 2013, Ride stepped into action surveying riders and lobbying the Louisiana government. Our report found that riders use the ferry to get to jobs that they would not be able to reach otherwise. Check out our research report for more information on why this ferry service is vital for our city.

RTA Environmental Justice

The RTA’s new Environmental Justice Policy Manual establishes a formal policy on equitable public engagement at the agency. Ride outlined a policy briefing on the content of the manual and suggestions for how it should be improved.