Streetcar Design

Ride New Orleans is pushing the RTA and City of New Orleans to design streetcar expansion projects to ensure that streetcars provide fast, efficient and competitive service.  These strategies include:

  • Put streetcars in a dedicated transit lane so they do not get stuck in automobile traffic;
  • Give streetcars signal prioritization so they will never wait at a red light;
  • Limit the number of locations cars are allowed to cross streetcar tracks, making streetcar transit safer and faster
  • Reduce the number of streetcar stops, so that streetcars can achieve faster travel speeds.

Ride New Orleans supports considering these strategies in existing streetcar lines as well.

Streetcar Accessibility

Ride New Orleans strongly encourages the RTA to make the St. Charles line accessible to individuals with disabilities.  These upgrades are long overdue and Ride New Orleans stands firm in the belief that the historic designation of the line does not preclude the RTA from making the streetcar accessible.

Streetcars and Bicycles

Currently, streetcars do not offer the bike racks that buses do, and passengers are prohibited from taking bikes aboard (with the exception of folding bikes).  Ride New Orleans therefore calls for the RTA to add external bike racks to the streetcars so commuters can extend the distance of their trips with their bicycles. Major streetcar stops should also offer safe, secure bicycle parking so cyclists can park and lock their bikes.