Transfer Stations


The design of New Orleans’ transit system requires most commuters to transfer between buses and streetcar lines to reach their destination. At the CBD transfer station, 7,000 riders transfer between 17 converging lines every day. Seven lines, including two regional lines, meet in Lakeview. JeT buses also stop at each station.

It is critical that the RTA makes the transfer experience quick, safe, easy to understand and comfortable for riders. Stations should therefore offer shade and shelter from the weather, adequate lighting, well-marked pedestrian crossings, bathrooms, food concessions and schedule and real-time arrival information. Schedules should be coordinated to prevent long rider waits for transfers.

CBD Transfer Station

Ride New Orleans envisions a permanent CBD transfer station with ample seating, shade, next bus arrival countdown signage and more.  Currently, the station enjoys neither a permanent home nor any real amenities for riders.  The CBD transfer station should be centrally located so riders can easily commute by transit to work and other downtown destinations.  Ride New Orleans calls on the RTA to work together with riders to plan for an improved CBD transfer station.

Lakeview Transfer Station

Ride New Orleans supports the RTA’s plans to extend the Canal streetcar to the existing bus transfer point on Canal Boulevard.  We believe that this important project will not only increase safety by eliminating the need for riders to cross a dangerous intersection, but will also make it easier for riders to transfer to the Jefferson Transit system.