Transit Riders Bill of Rights

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Ride New Orleans envisions a world-class, multi-modal transportation system that promotes a vibrant, healthy and sustainable New Orleans region, and we believe that our region must prioritize the voice of transit riders in order to provide world-class and equitable public transit. Identifying the transit-riding community’s top needs and priorities will help riders, and the RTA, understand how the quality of public transportation in New Orleans and the region can be improved.

A citizen’s bill of rights lists the most important rights afforded to citizens of a certain country in order to protect those rights against infringement. Similarly, the New Orleans Transit Rider’s Bill of Rights will define the most important rights that transit riders believe should be afforded to them as “citizens” of our regional transit system, so that we may work together to ensure those rights are upheld by all regional transit plans and decisions.

Your opinions and experiences as a transit rider are central to the process of developing this Bill of Rights, and your participation in this survey is essential to defining the transit riding community’s collective vision for an equitable, world-class public transportation system.