Visionary Transit Agencies

The largest of several transit agencies serving the New Orleans region are the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and Jefferson Parish Transit (JeT).  Coordinated planning and service is key to serving our region’s transit riders.  Ride New Orleans calls for the RTA and JeT to work together to develop a long-range, regional transit master plan guided by extensive public participation.  A regional transit master plan can establish goals for service improvements and expansion projects

Moreover, Ride New Orleans encourages our transit agencies to be responsible and progressive stewards of limited public monies by:

  • Considering and responding to the feedback and ideas of the general public through transparent policy and decision-making
  • Strengthening budgets by developing new and innovative funding sources
  • Implementing a unified fare system so that regional riders only have to buy one pass
  • Offering discounted rates for public school students
  • Opening transit data for use by third party software developers
  • Streamlining the boarding process by using “smart card” technology
  • Designing new and retrofitting existing transit line to provide fast, efficient and competitive transportation to riders