Ride New Orleans envisions a region in which taking transit enables full access to jobs, education, health care, and other needs that ensure the equitable, thriving community that all residents deserve.

The Problem

While transit service works for some, too many of our residents can’t get where they need to go in a reasonable amount of time.

Lack of access

The average transit-reliant New Orleanian can only reach 12 percent of the region’s jobs in 30 minutes or less.

Missing regional connections

We have an interdependent, regional economy, but our transit system stops at the parish line, meaning too many jobs are out of reach for residents – no matter where they live.

Unequal Priorities

Major transit investments like the Rampart/St. Claude streetcar haven’t helped improve access – especially for residents outside of our central neighborhoods.

The Solution

Region-wide, world-class, and equitable transit that gets residents to jobs and other important places quickly and reliably.

Frequent and Reliable

Prioritize and fund community-supported improvements that increase frequency, reliability, and connectivity.


Build convenient and seamless regional transit lines that get residents where they need to go quickly, no matter where they live.


Better bus stops, clear signage, reliable real time, common sense schedules and transfers mean an easier time for riders

What We Do


Build the rider voice

We work directly with riders through our grassroots rider-led organizing arm, the Coalition for Quality Transit, to build a stronger transit rider voice.

Win tangible change

Working with riders, elected leaders, transit officials, and many others, our targeted campaigns win measurable improvements that make it easier to take transit

Drive the conversation

Our reports, white papers, policy briefs, and forums inform residents and local leaders about challenges to overcome and opportunities to improve our transit network


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