Transit service in the New Orleans region is not what it needs to be. While the average New Orleanian with access to a private vehicle can reach 89 percent of the region’s jobs in 30 minutes or less, the average transit-reliant New Orleanian can only reach 12 percent of those jobs in the same 30-minute time period…..

That stark disparity is a severe liability for residents trying to access jobs and other essential services. 19 percent of New Orleans households – more than twice the national average – don’t have access to a personal vehicle. With the high poverty rate in our city many other households are only one run of bad luck away from not having access to a vehicle.

Ride New Orleans works to right this wrong and to win a transit system that is a linchpin in the creation of a more just, equitable, and functional city and region.

Our mission is to win world-class and equitable public transportation that works for all residents across the New Orleans region

Our vision is a New Orleans region in which taking transit – by necessity or choice – enables full access to jobs, education, health care, and other needs that ensure the equitable, thriving community that all residents deserve.