State of Transit Report 2022

2022 was a big year for our region’s transit and a big year for Ride New Orleans (RIDE). Important projects and developments laid the foundation for the future of New Orleans transit. After 3 years of engagement, the network redesign – New Links – that had transit riders, planners, and policymakers talking about our region’s transit system, has been implemented in both Orleans and Jefferson Parish. The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) went all hands on deck, moving from paper to pavement taking New Links to New Routes and beyond. In addition, Jefferson Parish unveiled a new name and look, going from JeT to Jefferson Parish Transit.

However, despite some improvements, significant challenges remain. Transit riders still have significantly worse access to jobs in the region compared to car drivers. And our transit system still lacks rider amenities such as transit stop seating and shelters. Agencies still don’t communicate effectively with all riders, and there is an ongoing need for better regional integration. This year’s report combines data analysis and rider testimonies to give a rider-focused assessment of New Orleans transit. It gives special consideration for young transit riders and lays out a vision of the world-class transit system our region deserves.