Meet Joel, Creator of New Orleans’ First Transit App

In August, we announced that the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority released their real-time data following up the release of their map and schedule data in March.  With newly open transit data, independent software developers like Joel Carranza are busy putting the transit data to work.  Joel’s ‘NOLA Transit’ is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The timing couldn’t be better – Apple’s newest iPhones have eliminated the ability to map transit directions – a prominent feature of ‘NOLA Transit’

We  asked Joel a few questions about the app, what inspired him and what is next for ‘NOLA Transit’.

Describe the NOLA Transit iPhone app:

NOLA Transit provides easy-to-access directions for the occasional rider and complete schedule information for those of us who take public transportation
every day.

Are you a transit rider? If so, what’s your regular route?

I take the 15 almost every day.

Why did you decide to create a transit app?

I felt frustrated by what was out there for riders and when the RTA
released their schedule data I figured I could make something that
made everyone’s lives just a tiny bit easier.

What will riders love most about NOLA Transit?

I designed the app so that you can still access all of the schedule
information even if you don’t have cell phone coverage. That makes it
really fast to use and it means that you’re never stuck at a bus stop
without knowing what’s up.

Do you have any plans to incorporate additional features?

Absolutely. I know that transit riders want access to the real-time bus information and that is coming in the next release. I’ve got a long list of other improvements I would like to make but I wanted to get the app out there and let feedback from the community at large drive what gets added next.

What does open transit data mean for New Orleans transit riders?

New Orleans transit riders are going to have access to a whole new set
of resources that previously only existed in big cities like New York
or Boston. That means easier, more enjoyable rides for everyone from
the tourist to the daily commuter.

To learn more about NOLA Transit, check out the websiteFacebook and Twitter!

And stay tuned for more exciting announcements on people putting the RTA’s open data to work – including an exciting partnership between Transport for NOLA and Apptitude New Orleans.