Sponsor the 2023 Ride New Orleans State of Transit Report & Breakfast Briefing

Ride New Orleans (RIDE) is excited to begin planning for our 2023 State of Transit Report & Breakfast Briefing! Our annual report has become the foremost resource for public transportation data in the Greater New Orleans region and, this year, we’re looking forward to releasing the most robust State of Transit yet.

But we need your help! In years past, RIDE has relied on support from our generous friends in the business community to continue our legacy of providing the region with the most comprehensive and transit-rider-centered analysis of public transportation.

Can we schedule a meeting to chat more about how you can support RIDE’s 2023 State of Transit Breakfast Briefing and Report? Click here to schedule a conversation with us or reach out and let us know what time works best for you!

RIDE’s State of Transit Report is unique in that the information and data we highlight doesn’t solely come from city and regional metrics. Much of it comes directly from our extensive outreach and engagement efforts with the region’s most underserved transit riders. The report is a reflection of a year’s worth of accomplishments and advocacy. RIDE builds relationships with riders whose experiences often go unrepresented in transit decision-making spaces. We amplify their voices while advocating for policy changes and a more inclusive and equitable transit system that reflects the needs of all riders. 

Last year’s State of Transit event featured a panel of transit experts moderated by youth transit advocates. The youth leaders demanded accountability from panelists, as well as a seat at the transit decision-making table. With your support, our State of Transit will continue to create a platform for the needs and experiences of our city’s most marginalized riders and more opportunities for RIDE to do what we do best. 

Here are just a few of the reasons to consider supporting RIDE’s 2023 State of Transit Report & Breakfast Briefing:

  • Transit Literacy: RIDE has created engagement and outreach opportunities across the city to meet our communities where they’re at and teach important wayfinding skills. We work regularly with several senior homes, high schools, and career centers to ensure everyone has the knowledge and resources they need to confidently use public transit. 
  • Zero Fares for Youth: RIDE believes youth should not pay to take transit. We are working closely with the Regional Transit Authority (RTA), the Mayor’s Office of Youth and Families, the New Orleans Youth Alliance, and youth leaders to win zero fares for youth and, eventually, all transit riders! Read our report here!
  • Capital/Federal Projects: With ample and intentional input from the community, RIDE continues to push for federal funding for projects that reflect the transportation needs of our most vulnerable communities—such as bus rapid transit (BRT). Federal funding must be used to create equitable transportation options for everyone. 
  • Coalition for Quality Transit: Our grassroots, rider-led arm, the Coalition for Quality Transit, creates an opportunity for riders to come together and discuss their experiences on transit, including what’s working and what needs improvement. The Coalition works with our team to explore solutions and to rally for rider-centered policy changes.

The RIDE team looks forward to working with you and we hope you will consider chatting with us about this opportunity. Click here to see available meeting time slots. You can also reach out directly to our Communications Manager, Shirani, to coordinate a meeting time.

Thank you for your continued support of equitable transit for New Orleans! We’re looking forward to connecting with you.

Click here to see a full list of our sponsorship levels and what is included with each.

Contact Shirani via email at shirani@rideneworleans.org or via phone at (504) 383-5069

Thank you in advance for your support of equitable transit!