Making Zoning Work for Biking, Walking & Riding Transit

From time to time, Ride takes a dive into deep technical waters – but all for the good of our fine city’s pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders! The latest release of the City Planning Commission’s draft Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance is one of those times where it’s important for us to take the plunge.

Smart Zoning helps make our streets safe for all

Zoning is the way that the city regulates how properties can be developed. All private development projects – from the new Costco to the construction of a single-family home – can impact the way we move safely through our city without a car. From curb cuts and driveways cutting through our sidewalks to bicycle parking to leveraging major private investments to ensure we have good bus shelters – zoning creates the laws and incentive structure we need to help make our streets safe for all.

That’s why Ride has developed a very detailed and in-the-weeds set of comments to share with the City Planning Commission.

Our Comments on the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance
  • Make our Central Business District an attractive and walkable environment;
  • Incentivize developers to build – or support the city to build – transit shelters and sidewalk improvements;
  • Reduce off-street vehicle parking requirements;
  • Limit the number and improve the design of curbcuts and driveways that cross over sidewalks;
  • Allow for shared parking arrangements and fees to be paid in-lieu of building more parking.

For the policy wonks out there, our detailed comments on the Central Business District and Off-Street Parking and Loading zoning standards are available for your review.

Help us ensure that the new zoning standards result in projects that support walking, biking and riding transit in New Orleans.

Send an email to the City Planning Commission before November 30th in support of zoning for pedestrians and transit. Click here for a sample email that’s ready to fire off once you add your signature.

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