Dump the Pump

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On June 18, we’re giving up our cars and riding public transportation as part of National Dump the Pump Day. Riding public transit is a great way to save money, to get out of traffic, to connect with your community, and to help the environment.

The American Public Transportation Association provides resources like the Fuel Savings and Carbon Footprint Calculators to demonstrate the positive impacts of using public transportation. You could save up to $10,000 by downsizing to one car! So let someone else take the wheel and just enjoy the ride! Read a book, chat with your neighbors, or just sit back and relax because you dumped the pump.

And if you’re new to riding transit RIDE can help! We’ve provided resources that can help plan your trip and make it easy for you to navigate your ride!  Be sure to check back with us as we release more information from the RTA about events happening here in New Orleans.